There are simple ways to get better at grilling quickly. For example, upgrading to a modern grill can take a backyard amateur cook and make it easier for you to prepare chef quality meals. But there are other tricks of the trade that are less obvious. Here are three ways you can boost your grilling game, and no one will ever guess your secret.

  1. Make a cola reduction sauce – That’s right, rather than just serving your favorite Pepsi products to your guests as a drink, you can simmer cola until the carbonated water dissipates and all you have left is a sweet Be sure to baste your meat at the very end of the cooking process so the sugars don’t burn.
  2. Brŭlée your sauces – You may not think of a brŭlée torch as a grilling accessory but used in the proper way it can provide a nice crust for your grilled proteins. You may even want to try it in connection with the cola reduction sauce.
  3. Put dried herbs directly on your coals – If you use a charcoal grill, you can lay your dried seasonings directly on the hot coals and get a lightly smoked flavor onto your meats. It is a great way to add smoke and seasoning without overpowering your meal.

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