If you’ve finally got your grill ready for the season and you’re excited to throw your first backyard bash, this is the article you need to read first. We’re going to help you to avoid 4 common mistakes that people make when entertaining outdoors:

  1. Too Much/Not Enough Furniture – The first key is not to clutter the yard space. You want people to be able to move about and interact freely. The second thing is to have enough seating. Your guests won’t want to stand for hours on end. Not having seating for a backyard barbecue basically tells your guests you want them to eat and then leave.
  2. Inviting too many guests – People expect to have a lot more breathing room at an outdoor party than an indoor one. If you have a 10-person yard and invite 25, everyone will feel claustrophobic, even if there is a lot more room in the backyard than there would have been inside the house.
  3. Being an invisible host – Do you expect guests to stay outside but you are constantly running in for things? A little advance preparation can allow you to interact with guests and take care of hosting duties.
  4. Running out of drinks/ice – A barbecue isn’t all about the food. People need to wash down those burgers and fries. Run out of cold beverages and the party effectively ends.

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