May is national barbecue month (the best time to stock up on all your grilling needs), and all across America, grill masters will be stoking the fires and cooking up some delicious meals outdoors. Here are 5 great BBQ regions in the US and the foods they are known for:

  • Texas – Texas is all about meat, pure and simple. That’s why they specialize in barbecuing beef brisket. But don’t expect it to be covered in sauce. Smoking and dry rubs provide most of the flavor here.
  • Alabama – Alabama is known for pulled meats, not just pork but chicken as well. It may be considered non-traditional across the rest of the country, but you can expect to see lots of white vinegar sauces or even mayonnaise.
  • South Carolina – If you like mustard in your barbecue sauce, then you’ll be happy to get some barbecued pork butt from South Carolina.
  • Kansas City – To many, this is the capital of US barbecue. Sauces are thick and sweetened with molasses. Burnt ends are the specialty and people come from all corners of the country to give it a try.
  • North Carolina – This is a state divided when it comes to barbecue. The western half of the state uses a tomato-based sauce and focuses on pork shoulder. The eastern half of the state is vinegar and spice based but uses the whole hog.

There’s No Wrong Way to Enjoy Your Barbecue

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