Kenmore Smart Grill 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Side Searing Burner, Black with Black Chrome Plated Accents

Kenmore Smart Grill 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Side Searing Burner, Black with Copper Accent

  • 27” x 17” firebox
  • Total cooking surface: 593 sq inch.
  • Primary cooking area: 425 sq inch.
  • Secondary cooking area: 168 sq inch.
  • TOTAL BTU – 52,000 BTU
  • Includes Bluetooth Smart Thermometer with 1 Ambient Probe, 4 Food Temperature Probes
  • Includes Propane Tank Sensor to Monitor Propane Gas Level
  • Monitor Temperature and Propane Gas levels through the Kenmore Smart App via iOS and Android

Serve up a crowd in style with the Kenmore 4 Burner with Searing Side Burner Propane Gas Grill in Black with Black Chrome Plated Accents. The included SMART Bluetooth connected devise allows you to simultaneously monitor 4 meat probe temperatures, the ambient temperature in the fire box, see current propane tank levels, set timers, alarms and graph temperature changes. Even the novice griller can easily navigate this user friendly grill with the easy-to-use electronic ignition that makes starting this grill as easy as pushing a button with the individualized ignition system. Forgot to check how full your propane was before running to the store for supplies, simply open the Kenmore SMART app wherever you are to see the current propane level.

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Length: 53.2"
Width: 21.8"
Height: 45.4"
Weight: 88.2 Lbs

Cooking Area Size

Primary Cooking Area: 425 Sq In.
Secondary Cooking Area: 168 Sq In.
Total Cooking Area: 593 Sq In.

Product Overview

Fuel Type: Propane (LP)
Grill Type: Free Standing
Color: Black Powder Coated

Fire Box

Size: 27"x 17"
Material: Porcelain Coated

Warming Rack

Size: 168 sq inch.
Material: Porcelain Coated


Construction: Double Layer
Outer: Porcelain Coated
Inner: Aluminum Steel
Sides: Painted Steel
Handle: Black Chrome Plated

Main Burner

No of Burner: 4
Material: Stainless Steel
BTU: 4 x 10,000 = 40,000
Flame Tamer: Steel
No of Flame Tamer: 4
Material: Stainless Steel
Cooking Grates Material: Porcelain Coated Cast Iron


Material: Black Chrome Plated


1 Smart Thermometer with 1 Ambient Probe and 4 Food Temperature Probes
1 Propane Tank Sensor

Searing Side Burner: Yes
BTU: 12,000
Lid Material: Powder Coated Steel
Burner Material: Rectangular Ceramic

Back Burner: No
Burner Material:

Rotisserie: No

Side Shelf: Powder Coated Steel
Side Shelf Front: Powder Coated Steel

Push Bar: Yes

Ignition System: Electronic Ignition System
Control Panel: Powder Coated Steel


Construction: Double Layer
Outer: Powder Coated
Inner: Steel
Handle: Copper Chrome Plated


Construction: Enclosed
Front Panel: NA
Side Panel: Powder Coated
Back Panel: Powder Coated
Bottom Panel: Powder Coated

Grease Tray: Aluminum Grease Box

Wheel Cover/Skirting: Yes
Material: Powder Coated


No of wheels: 4
Size: 4" x 3"

Pullout tank tray: No

Fuel Gauge: No

Additional Features:
Pullout Waste Basket Tray: No
LED Control Light: No
Firebox Light: No


CSA Listed: Yes

NG Convertible

NG Conversion Kit available: Yes


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