If you want to take your grilled chicken game up a step from just doing beer can chicken, we’re going to give you a few tips for preparing a juicy, mouth-watering bird on the grill. While it is easier to control the heat on a gas grill, you can also use a charcoal grill with these same tips and add that great charcoal flavor.

  • Use indirect heat – You aren’t going to be searing the bird as you do with most meats. You want the temp of the grill to be somewhere in the 350-400-degree range. But direct heat will burn the outside before the inside reaches a safe temperature.
  • Clean the chicken and pat it dry – Chickens are usually packed in that weird broth, so be sure to dry the bird off well. The only moisture you want is the marinade you are going to brush on.
  • Prepare your marinade – Whether you want to prepare your own barbecue sauce or just melt some butter, have a few ounces of liquid ready to brush onto the chicken as it roasts in the grill. This will help the skin crisp up while keeping the juices locked in.
  • Prepare a rub (optional) – Another great way to add flavor is to prepare a rub. Remember that you are not actually going to rub the seasoning on. Just sprinkle it evenly. You may have to reach inside the chicken to apply the rub on the inside for even more flavor.
  • Roast the bird – Remember to angle it so the grill marks create a nice pattern on the underside. A good way to get the right effect is to angle one leg quarter toward the heat and then rotate to the other about halfway through. Depending on the size of the chicken, this will be about 40 minutes before and after the turn. Remember to apply your marinade before closing the lid each time.
  • You can check the breast area for the right internal temp. 165 degrees is considered safe for chicken. Rest your chicken for about 10-15 minutes before you let anyone start carving off a piece.

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